ReCell® is a medical device that can be used in conjunction with conventional treatments for burns and reconstructive procedures. It can also be used for pigmentation treatment.

Scar + Pigmentation Treatment

Find out more about laser hair removal and our approach to treatment in the information below. Or get in touch and book a consultation to discuss your concerns and treatment plan specific to you.

What Is ReCell®

ReCell® is a stand-alone, rapid, autologous cell harvesting, processing and delivery technology that enables our dermatologists to treat skin defects using the patient’s own cells in a regenerative process.

It allows for cellular grafting of melanocytes and keratinocytes into areas of vitiligo, burns or scars. This then stimulates pigmentation, wound healing and scar improvement in the treated areas.

How Are Brisbane Skin Different?

Traditionally, the area is prepared by dermabrasion or ablative laser and the cells are applied to the area post-laser. Pigmented cells are then present during the healing process post-laser, re-colouring the area over time.

Dr Manoharan uses less invasive laser techniques, which enable for successful transfer of melanocytes into larger field areas on the body, with lower levels of discomfort and risk of complications.

How Do I Find Out If ReCell® Is For Me?

Your next step is to make an appointment with one of our dermatologists who will be able to conduct a full assessment and history of your vitiligo or scarring, and prescribe you the best scar or pigmentation treatment plan for your skin. Call us now on 31603330 or fill out the enquiry form below.

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