How Thermage FLX Boosts Skin Health & Patient Outcomes

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AMP chats with Dr Shobhan Manoharan about the important role Thermage FLX plays in his dermatology practice.


How long have you been using Thermage FLX, and why did you choose it?

We have been using Thermage FLX for about 3 years now. I chose this device for several reasons: Thermage is the pioneering noninvasive tightening device in its class; it has the most research and studies to back its technology; and the excellent safety profile and comfort features that this latest generation offers. The fact that Thermage FLX is versatile, allowing me to treat both the face and off the-face, was appealing also.


What role does it play in your dermatology practice?

Thermage FLX is our go-to device for skin tightening in patients with mild to moderate skin laxity or for those looking for a non-surgical option for tightening of the lower and mid face, eyelids and neck. We also use it for patients who are looking for some tightening on areas of the body such as the abdomen or thighs.

Patient selection is critical, but in patients with mild to moderate laxity in the areas mentioned above, we see consistent tightening, which continues over a period of about 6 months.


How does Thermage FLX contribute to overall skin health?

Thermage FLX is an excellent non-invasive skin tightening device.

But in addition to giving overall tightening to the areas mentioned above, the technology also heats the deeper, collagen-rich layers of skin, causing old collagen denaturation and subsequent formation of tighter ‘young’ collagen.


Do you use Thermage FLX in conjunction with other treatments?

We specialise in combination treatments and certainly Thermage FLX lends itself to this.

Typically, we combine Thermage FLX with Fraxel. Thermage FLX provides deeper tightening, while Fraxel benefits the surface of the skin, eradicating sunspots, lightening pigmentation and improving tone and texture.

For patients who have more severe changes, we combine Thermage FLX with fractional and fully ablative laser resurfacing to help with deeper lines and wrinkles.

We also find Thermage FLX to work synergistically with injectables, and will often put together a treatment plan involving antiwrinkle injections, dermal fillers, fat dissolving injections and Thermage FLX for overall facial remodelling and rejuvenation.


Who is your typical patient? And why is patient selection important?

I have two groups of ‘typical’ patients. One is a younger demographic, perhaps in their 30-40s, looking at non-invasive treatment options, and to improve and tighten early changes that they are noticing, particularly in the lower face. They are usually seeking treatment to prevent progression of these changes and they understand the concept of early intervention and skin health maintenance.

My other main group of patients are typically in their 50s and beyond, who have had surgical and more intensive laser procedures in the past (eg, facelifts and laser resurfacing), and use Thermage FLX as their maintenance treatment to continue to tighten their skin, particularly in the lower face and neck areas.

Having said that, we also have a range of other patients, including those looking for a non-surgical tightening of their upper eyelids, mothers who are looking for tightening of their abdominal laxity after childbirth, and others who have a stubborn area of skin they are looking to tighten. That is the versatility of Thermage FLX.


Why would you recommend Thermage FLX a) to your colleagues, and b) to your patients?

a) Thermage FLX is an industry and class leading skin tightening device that has the most research and studies to back its technology.

Its newest evolution has even more comfort and safety features than before, and can produce consistent results with good patient selection.

Thermage FLX is delegatable, enabling the clinician to train their clinical team to perform treatment safely with excellent results. It also lends itself to combination treatment protocols and maintenance plans, providing an outstanding return on investment.

b) Thermage FLX is one of the best skin tightening devices on the market for mild to moderate laxity on areas of the face and neck and off the face. If you are looking at a treatment with minimal downtime, relative comfort and results that continue to improve for months, Thermage FLX is ideal.


  • Non-invasive RF technology designed to tighten existing collagen and trigger new collagen growth
  • Results can be seen from a single treatment, proven to help tighten and contour the skin
  • Little to no downtime
  • AccuRep technology – treatment algorithm with sites pecific real-time tuning
  • Fast treatment times
  • Instant results and long lasting, natural-looking outcomes
  • Versatile & flexible – one platform with one hand piece to treat face, eyes and body
  • High patient satisfaction
  • Enhanced patient comfort
  • Easy to operate – large touchscreen with user friendly interface