The one word you need when looking for the best dining experience in Florence.

After days of roaming the Florentine streets indulging in pasta from small sidewalk restaurants near the Medici castle, steak Florentine while basking in the glow of the basilica and zipping through the cobbled streets and local vineyards on a Vespa, what you need is beautifully prepared Italian produce, and Cibreo hits the mark.

Take a stroll through the streets to this out of the way restaurant. It is well worth the reward.

From the moment you sit down you realise this is no ordinary restaurant. There are no food menus. There are no wine lists. There are Italians. And they know their stuff.

A gorgeous Italian pulls up a chair and explains the subtle details of each entree and asks you which one you think might take your fancy? Of course you can’t go past their internationally acclaimed capsicum soup, which when you mention the fact, they appear pleasantly surprised and graciously note your order.

Main menu is delivered in the same fashion and it is an excruciating decision. May I recommend the rabbit – you will not be disappointed.

Once your food decisions are made, the sommelier comes to have a chat. ‘I see you’ve decided on the rabbit. Excellent choice, excellent. I would recommend….I now have no recollection of the recommendation as I was lost in the experience and probably would have drunk Ribena if he had recommended it. Of course he didn’t and the wine was perfect with our meal. The famous chef who owned the restaurant had a charming son who came to visit our table. Familiar and fun without being intrusive.

All in all, we will certainly return every time we visit Florence.