Consults and procedures with registered nurses who have specialised dermatology training provide a unique service to patients.

Most people wish to take better care of their skin. As a result, many cosmetic ‘skin specialists’ have opened their doors. Most of these centres are not operated by medical staff, some by technicians with limited training by non-medical trainers. As a result, there are many stories in the media of things that have gone wrong.

We encourage everyone to be careful with whom they entrust their skin.

Brisbane Skin offers the assurance of safe, medical grade care – nurses with decades of dermatology training and experience.

The ABC’s of Cosmetic Injectables & Anti Wrinkle Injections with Brisbane Skin

Cosmetic injectables are tremendously popular at our practice for a very good reason: they work! Compared to a wide range of other options for facial rejuvenation, cosmetic injections help men and women of all ages refresh their appearance without spending a lot of time and money to achieve their goals.

Cosmetic injectables are advertised by many names and are available in a range of strengths and formulations. At Brisbane Skin, we use only the best products to give you even and long-lasting results, and you will be treated only by highly trained medical staff.

Brisbane Skin Explains Anti Wrinkle Injections

This is the most common and popular cosmetic medicine treatment worldwide, and certainly at our Brisbane practice. Anti-wrinkle injections temporarily relax muscles that cause facial lines. They can be used to correct

        • Frown lines between the eyebrows, also know as ‘the elevenses’
        • Forehead lines
        • Crow’s feet (wrinkles that extend from the outer corners of the eyes)
        • Bunny lines
        • Wrinkles around the mouth
        • Bands on the neck

The patients at Brisbane Skin appreciate that anti-wrinkle injection treatments cause brief, minimal discomfort that can be likened to a bee sting. Expert injectors at our practice use a very fine needle to inject selected facial muscles. Although treatment time is brief, the effects are long lasting, erasing wrinkles for up to six months.

Not everyone is a good candidate for anti wrinkle injections injections. During a complimentary consultation at Brisbane Skin, our aesthetic nurses talk to patients about their medical history to ensure that they do not have any contraindications to treatment and there are very few absolute contraindications to treatment.

Your dermatologist or specialist nurse injector will also explain in detail whether or not your particular concern will be addressed by muscle-relaxing injections, or whether you indeed need an alternative treatment plan.

At Brisbane Skin, we encourage our patients to ask questions and voice their concerns. Our medical professionals take care that everyone receives a comprehensive explanation of what to expect before, during, and after a treatment.

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