Pigmentation is a common problem associated with ageing, sun exposure, genetics and hormones. Pigmentation manifests in a range of forms from brown spots or increased freckling to melasma. Another form of pigmentation is post-inflammatory pigmentation caused by trauma to the skin.

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Are brown spots all related to skin cancer?

No, not all brown spots or freckles lead to skin cancer and most can be safely removed. However it is important to check that there is nothing sinister in your brown spots before removing them. We always recommend a skin check for all patients prior to removal of pigmentation of brown spots and freckles.

How do freckles and brown spots differ to sun damage?

Brown spots are an increase in the amount of melanin produced in the skin in localised areas. This can occur without any sun exposure and can be a result of hormonal changes or genetics. They can be a marker of sun damage, but might not necessarily be due to it.

Can they be treated?

Yes!  Brisbane Skin provides a full range of dermatological medical, laser and cosmetic solutions designed to enhance your natural beauty and bring out your inner glow, so you look fresh, youthful, and vibrant. We have the full range of experience and tools to treat pigmentation in the safest possible way.

How do you treat them?

As one of Australia’s largest dermatology specialists, we have a wide range of treatment options available. This means that we can tailor the correct treatment or treatment combination for your skin type, to address your pigmentation concerns and achieve the best results. The treatments that we usually use to address pigmentation include:

Chemical Peels
Broad Band Light (BBL)
Q-Switched Laser (QSL)
Enlighten Picosecond Laser (Pico)
Fraxel Laser
Erbium & CO2 Lasers

Does it hurt?

Some treatments have higher levels of discomfort than others, however for any treatment that has a level of discomfort associated with it we provide the appropriate level of anaesthetic so that all treatments in our clinic are well tolerated.

Does the pigmentation come back?

The type of pigment that is being treated will determine whether there will be a return of pigment after treatment. For example, melasma cannot be fully removed and will require ongoing treatments to manage this pigmentation, however some freckles and birthmarks may be removed permanently. We generally put you on a maintenance plan after the initial treatment to maximise the duration of your results.

How much does it cost?

Treatments range from $115 for chemical peels to a few hundred dollars for lighter laser treatments and a few thousand dollars for heavier laser treatments. Consultations with our nurses and therapists are complimentary and we recommend that you come in for a full facial assessment. At this appointment you will receive a detailed quote tailored for you, before proceeding with any treatments.

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