Lips are a very common location for skin cancer in Australia, especially for farmers and others who work outdoors. It is often underestimated, but lip cancer can have the potential to be quite disfiguring when not treated early. This can have considerable impacts on a person’s self esteem and social interactions.

Lip Cancer Treatment

Here at Brisbane Skin, we offer laser treatment of early stage skin cancers, including the lip. We have had excellent results with many very happy patients.

This patient is a farmer from Queensland and came to us when he felt something rough forming on his lip. This is usually an early stage cancer, and it was excellent that he came to see us when it was at this stage, as we were able to avoid surgery and simply treat it with a once-off laser treatment. As you can see, there are no post treatment scars, and he is extremely happy with the results!


We also treat sunspots with laser, which prevents them from developing into skin cancers and is something that our dermatologists recommend for anyone developing the first signs of sun damage.  We often treat the whole face, neck and décolletage, preventing any skin cancers from developing and giving excellent rejuvenation results! .

Get in touch with us by phone during business hours on 07 3160 3330, or use the contact form on this page to learn what our expert team of skin specialists can do to treat your lip cancer.

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