We are experts in dermatitis and eczema treatment. The terms eczema and dermatitis encompass a range of medical conditions that present as inflamed skin. These are very common conditions that affect up to 20% of children to various degrees, and many adults.

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Are eczema and dermatitis associated with other disorders?

In many it manifests as Atopic Dermatitis, which may also be associated with asthma, hay fever, allergic eye reactions and food allergies.

What does eczema and dermatitis look like?

At different ages, eczema and dermatitis may present differently. Commonly, it presents as itchy, red rashes, especially in skin folds, the face and body.

Why does eczema occur?

Some individuals are born with a genetic predisposition for an abnormal skin barrier, due to dysfunction in the lipids that hold the surface of the skin together. Others have an enzyme defect that alters the structure of the skin surface. In these individuals, external factors such as irritants, climate, allergic reactions, infections and stress may all contribute to the development of eczema.

How is eczema treated?

Our specialists at Brisbane Skin will guide you through the various options of treatment, including a tailored skin care routine, prescription creams and tablets, and light treatment phototherapy.

What is phototherapy?

We utilise a modality known as narrowband UVB therapy (nbUVB) to provide significant symptom reduction in many patients with eczema. nbUVB is a quick, safe and effective treatment option for many with various forms of eczema. Treatments are quick, usually performed 2-3 times per week, and with a GP referral, completely Bulk-Billed.

UVB Phototherapy

Also referred to as light therapy, UVB phototherapy is a treatment for skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis. It involves exposing the skin to certain kinds of light on a regular basis, under medical supervision.
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