As you age, collagen production decreases, leading to the breakdown of the skin’s underlying supportive tissues. Exposure to UV rays, smoking, and other daily environmental factors can cause your skin to become pigmented and prematurely wrinkled. To combat sun damage, acne scars, creases and wrinkles, the CO2 laser can be used to enhance the skin’s tone, texture, strength and elasticity.

After a single treatment, you will see dramatic results in terms of smoother skin, improved texture, reduced pigmentation and irregularities. Signs of ageing like sunspots and wrinkles will be smoothed and damage from the past like acne scarring and hyperpigmentation can be improved. Overall, your skin will look refreshed and renewed. Whilst results may vary, proper aftercare and maintaining a healthy skincare routine can extend the life of laser skin resurfacing results for several years.

Dr Manoharan is a highly skilled laser dermatologist, has trained in the safe and effective use of ablative laser technology and has more than a decade’s experience in lasers, energy-based devices and surgery. Laser treatment can be combined with other procedures such as eyelid rejuvenation and surgical facelifts.

CO2 laser gold standard

How does it work?

Dr Manoharan uses the laser to send short, concentrated pulsating beams of energy at targeted skin areas. This removes unwanted, damaged skin in a very precise manner, one layer at a time.

The laser can be delivered in a full ablative setting, or fractionated setting whereby tiny micro-columns are tunnelled into the skin surface, enabling for a heavier or lighter treatment depending on skin type, concerns and down-time.

Following your laser skin resurfacing treatment, you will be prescribed appropriate medications and be treated with complimentary low-level treatments to assist your healing and provide best results. You will also be prescribed a maintenance routine of skincare and treatmentsto allow you to follow-on a long-term plan for your skin health.

co2 laser for scars, rejuvenation, wrinkles, sun damage and rhinophyma
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What sort of laser do you use and how is it different to other laser treatments?

We use a UltraPulse CO2 laser. The UltraPulse has the strongest wavelength of all the lasers on the market so in many cases it achieves results not possible with any other laser treatment.

When used in fractional mode UltraPulse has fewer risks and less downtime than traditional carbon dioxide lasers and because it’s highly versatile, it’s ideal for multiple skin conditions.

How many treatments do I need?

After just one treatment, CO2 laser can achieve dramatic, lasting skin rejuvenation and long-term results. Every procedure is tailored to each individual and their skin and some scar revision can require a series of treatments to achieve maximal results.

What sort of results can I expect?

Patients can expect to see reduced pigmentation, more even skin tone and texture, removal of sun damage and some skin cancers, smoothing of scars – so many benefits from one treatment!

How much downtime is associated with this treatment?

Treatments are done at various energy levels to tailor the treatment and downtime accordingly. However, you can expect to experience between one and two weeks down time.

Why Brisbane Skin?

Brisbane Skin’s is home to world renowned dermatologist Dr. Shobhan Manoharan. He is one of only a few dermatologists across Australia offering the latest in CO2 laser treatment technology and achieving dramatic results unique to CO2 treatment.

How much will it cost?

Pricing varies depending on individual skin conditions and desired results. If you are seeking treatment for a medical condition with CO2 laser treatment, you may be eligible for Medicare rebates. Contact us to find out more about pricing for your individual circumstance.

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