My Favourite Winter Treatments

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Winter is a time for hibernation and rest, and a fabulous time to start on some rejuvenation and work on your skin health.


My personal favourite treatment for the cooler months is the Fraxel Dual.  The Fraxel is a group of lasers that is great for improving the tone and texture of skin, helping pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkling,  and reducing scarring.  Although initially created as an aesthetic tool, our new research indicates that it reduces pre-cancerous sunspots and can help reduce the progression to skin cancer.


Fraxel is relatively comfortable after the application of  anaesthetic cream, and when performed by a specialist provides consistant results with a low down-time of 3-7 days.  You simply have some sun-burn like flaking for a few days, and emerge with refreshed skin after. Remember, not all Fraxel is created equal, and check that you are getting an experienced practitioner who is using the genuine device – do not trust your body to less qualified imitators.


Rejuvenate over winter and emerge from hibernation a new you in time for spring!

Why Clear + Brilliant?

clear and brilliant permea

So, all your friends have had Fraxel and are raving about it.  Their faces feel like their glowing, it has improved their texture and fine wrinkles, and blotchy pigmentation has gone leaving a nice, even tone.


They all talk about it every time you catch up, and are starting to look a few years younger than you (although you all went to school together – and you were SO much better looking than them back then).


You had a consultation for Fraxel and were told you were an ideal candidate, and should be able to anticipate a predictable, significant improvement.




You had the 5 to 7-day downtime that the treatment obliges you to have.


While worth the relatively low downtime for many, the week of redness and sunburn like flaking is prohibitive for some.


Like yourself, who has just started a new dream job, hoping to climb the company ladder and really don’t have a week to take off until say………ummm……2025?


Hello Clear and Brilliant!!


C&B is the little brother of the Fraxel Dual, and another star from the Valeant/Solta stable of rejuvenation and body contouring devices.


A low-level diode laser with two wavelengths, the beauty of C&B is the fact that it produces gentle results with absolutely no down-time.  Make-up may be worn immediately after, and you are back off to work immediately after – JOY!


The 1440nm wavelength penetrates the dermis to aid gradual collagen remodelling and skin tightening, while the 1927nm wavelength (the same “sweet-spot” wavelength that makes the Fraxel Dual such a superstar) helps subtly reduce pigmentation and exfoliate the epidermis. It is also suitable for all skin types, even darker tones which often struggle to find suitable and safe lasers.


Science aside, this means that NO DOWNTIME, PROVEN RESULTS over a series of COMFORTABLE TREATMENTS.


C&B is also an excellent maintenance routine after heavier laser treatments, so sure to be a hit with many of your Fraxel or CO2 laser loving friends also.


Clear and Brilliant has just been unveiled at our Brisbane Skin clinics at Newstead and North Lakes, and will be one of the first devices introduced to our Manly clinic at its Grand Opening next month.


I look forward to sharing your skin journey with you.


Best wishes



Pearls from the American Academy of Dermatology Meeting

skin blog

skin blog

13th March 2017

I have just had a fabulous week at the American Academy of Dermatology meeting in Orlando.

8000-plus delegates, in a sprawling State-of-the-Art Orange County convention centre, this meeting drew delegates from all over the globe, and had an outstanding faculty of speakers.

Despite learning some absolute pearls at the meeting, what I have come to realise after spending time at the meeting and speaking to colleagues, is that we are doing some excellent, cutting-edge work here in lil’ ol’ Brisbane, especially in the fields of laser and aesthetic dermatology.

We combine therapies and laser modalities well, treat patients of colour with skill and also are early adaptors to new and exciting technology.

Combination laser treatments in the same session for rejuvenation, redness, pigmentation and scars were discussed, and will translate beautifully to treatment programmes at home in Australia also.

Scar treatments with fractionated lasers with low downtime parameters are also interesting advances.

Also, techniques such as thread-lifts and non-invasive body contouring are advancing as we speak.

All of this has made for an outstanding, stimulating conference, from which I’ll be bringing back not just new equipment and toys, but also new ideas on discussions with peers from all over the world.

Look forward to sharing these with you.

Best wishes,