Vascular Laser Treatments

Brisbane Skin regularly sees men and women who are troubled by disorders of the blood vessels known as vascular lesions. Vascular lesions, like spider veins and broken capillaries, are usually found on the face, thighs, legs, calves, and arms.
In the old days, vein surgery was limited to the larger vessels on the legs, and vascular lesions on the face were covered by make-up. Times have changed for the better. Treatments for vascular lesions have never been more effective and affordable than they are today. With the advent of vascular laser treatments, we’ve achieved extraordinary results at our skin clinic in Newstead.

Brisbane Skin Explains Vascular Lesions

Vascular lesions are abnormalities of the skin and underlying tissues. They are divided into three major categories of non-cancerous lesions:

  • Hemangiomas – A group of blood vessels, often forming a red area resembling a birthmark.
  • Vascular Malformations – Malformed, dilated blood vessels that appear as blotches of red or purple skin, including the salmon patch and port wine stain.
  • Pyogenic Granulomas – A common skin growth with a raspberry-like appearance to the surface.

Some lesions are present from birth, while others develop with age or as the result of environmental damage, particularly sun exposure. Regardless of their size and where they appear on the body, vascular lesions can make people self-conscious and uncomfortable.

For these people, vascular laser therapy at Brisbane Skin provides a welcome solution.

What Is Vascular Laser Light Therapy?

To begin our discussion about vascular lasers and how we use them at our cosmetic clinic, let’s start with a definition from one of Australia’s most respected skin health associations:

“Vascular laser light is a high intensity, single wavelength beam. Vascular lasers selectively target and damage unwanted or abnormal blood vessels and are used by dermatologists to treat broken capillaries, persistent facial redness, rosacea, burns, scars and vascular (red or purple) birth marks.”Skin & Cancer Foundation Australia

The method of converting light to heat and using it to destroy the target without damaging the surrounding tissue is called Selective Photothermolysis. The light energy emitted by a vascular laser is selectively absorbed by the oxyhemoglobin in your blood. This results in the heating of the blood vessels until they break down and shrink, which leads to a reduction of the vascular lesion.

Treating Vascular Lesions with Vascular Lasers

It’s been nearly 60 years since the invention of the first medical laser. Today, multiple laser and light systems exist and are applied in medical specialties such as dermatology, allowing cosmetic professionals to help clients achieve a superior level of skin rejuvenation, particularly when it comes to vascular lesions.

The majority of skin types have a mixture of reddened areas, blotchy areas, and blood vessels. Vascular laser can be used for optimal results in treating

  • Rosacea
  • Redness
  • Facial Veins
  • Telangiectasia
  • Spider Veins
  • Broken Capillaries
  • Birth marks (port wine stains)

Lasers use a single wavelength of light to deliver energy to specific skin targets. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Broad Band Light (BBL) therapies use a spectrum of light.

At Brisbane Skin, we use the Cynergy laser by Cynosure. It is a combination pulsed dye laser 585nm and nd:yag 1064 with multiplex technology. That gives our dermatologists the ability to selectively target the blood vessels of a vascular lesion without adversely affecting the surrounding tissue.

What Happens During a Treatment with Vascular Lasers?

Your eyes will be protected with safety shields or glasses. Laser light energy will be delivered precisely to the area of your skin being treated. You may briefly feel a warm sensation as the unwanted vessels absorb the laser pulses.

This laser has a pen-like handle, produces a 1 or 2 mm laser spot size, and is used to trace over smaller vessels and red spots while leaving surrounding tissues undamaged. Your treatment may take a few minutes to half an hour depending on the size of the area to be treated.

Some vessels disappear immediately. Other destroyed vessels may become less visible or lighter in appearance.

Are Vascular Laser Treatments Safe?

Three strategies contribute to the successful treatment of vascular lesions with a laser:

  • Light Colour – The colour of light used is selectively absorbed by the vascular target. The haemoglobin within the vessel soaks up the light energy much better than anything else in the tissue.
  • Brief Pulses – The vascular laser light pulses are just long enough to heat the desired target. The energy is automatically turned off before there is enough time for the surrounding area to heat up above the threshold for damage.
  • Skilled Operator – Nothing is more critical to a successful vascular laser treatment than the person performing the treatment. At Brisbane Skin, we are experienced, trained and well qualified to determine and administer the optimal energy density for each individual at each session.

Affordable Vascular Laser Skin Treatments at Brisbane Skin

Are you unhappy with facial redness? Broken capillaries? Are you self-conscious about Rosacea? Is a skin problem robbing you of your confidence and self-esteem? Do you have skin care questions that need answers?

If so, we want to hear from you.

You can reach Brisbane Skin’s team of experts by phone during business hours on (07) 3160 3330 or use the contact form on this page to learn how we can make your skin look healthy, radiant, and glowing.




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