Here at Brisbane Skin we have a state-of-the-art surgery where we remove all types of lesions and cancers in a calm, luxurious environment, built specifically to make your surgical experience as comfortable as possible.

We also offer highly effective post-surgical scar revision for anyone who does have visible scars and would like them treated. Read more about Post Surgical Scar Revision here.

We perform surgery on a wide range of conditions including



Skin Tags

Age Warts

BCC (basal cell carcinoma)

SCC (squamous cell carcinoma)


Our surgeons are specialist dermatologists with extensive experience (both in Australia and the UK) in the safe and effective removal of all lesions and cancers, leaving minimal visible scarring.

This lady grew up in the harsh Queensland sun, has fair skin and has had multiple skin cancers develop from her early 30s. This skin cancer on her forehead could have left a very visible scar, which has the potential for both social and mental impacts on people.

While taking an appropriate margin around skin cancers is imperative, we pride ourselves on leaving the least visible scars possible. As you can see, this rather large incision is almost invisible on her forehead, after 3 months, and with no laser scar revision at all.



This fellow has worked outdoors all of his life in Brisbane and is exposed to the harsh Queensland sun every day. He came to us with a skin cancer on his lip. Dr Manoharan specializes in the laser removal of lip cancers (vermillionectomy) which affects many Australians, especially those who work on the land or outdoors. Laser is the most effective way to treat early stage lip cancers without leaving any visual appearance of the cancer or it’s removal, giving excellent aesthetic results (read more about laser treatment of skin cancers here).

Unfortunately, by the time that this gentleman had come to us, his skin cancer had progressed too far and required surgery, where our surgeons remove a wedge from the lip. As you can see, he has very little visible scarring from this quite large surgical procedure, and is very happy with his result! This photograph is 3 months post surgery, with no laser scar revision at all.




See more of our surgical photographs below.


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