Brisbane Skin works compassionately with a wide range of patients struggling with acne in its active state, and an equal number who are eager to reduce acne scarring. For the latter group, the visible scars on their faces can be just as traumatic as a face full of pimples.

Brisbane Skin Gets to the Root of Acne

Acne is the result of problems with the sebaceous glands. These glands secrete an oily substance, called sebum that keeps skin naturally supple and healthy. When the opening to sebaceous glands is blocked, the sebum has nowhere to go and accumulates. This creates a recipe for disaster: The oil provides a feast for skin bacteria.

Unchecked, skin bacteria can lead to

  • Pimples
  • Blackheads
  • Whiteheads
  • Large cysts
  • Painful swelling

Acne Basics

When new patients visit our practice, one of the first questions they ask is “Why do I have acne?” Many are ready to blame their painful, unattractive skin eruptions on chocolate or fried foods.

Oil causes acne, but it’s not the French fries that are to blame. Acne can be worsened by, though it is generally not caused by:

In fact, the two main causes of acne:

  • Genetics
  • Hormones

Genes, Hormones & Treatments for Acne

Genes determine how your body’s autoimmune system will respond to skin bacteria. Furthermore, your body’s genetic programming can influence things such as how prone you are to having clogged pores. For example, a hereditary tendency to produce more dead skin cells than your skin can shed, and a tendency to form clogged pores, can lead to acne.

Beyond genetics, your hormones influence the rate at which you produce oil within your sebaceous glands. Hormonal balances fluctuate throughout life, but may be dramatic during puberty. This explains why so many patients that see us at Brisbane Skin are teenagers of both genders.

  • Females experience hormonal fluctuations related to their menstrual cycle, pregnancy, the post-partum state, perimenopause, and menopause. As a result, many women are challenged by acne and acne scarring well into adulthood.
  • Males also experience hormonal fluctuations, though most of them occur during puberty. At that time, males experience a surge in androgens, the male sex hormone. These hormones, along with adolescent stress, cause the oil glands in teenage boy’s skin on the face, back, neck, chest, and shoulders to enlarge and produce more oil.

Acne is not a serious health threat, but it can cause deep scars, physically and emotionally. The medicals team at Brisbane Skin do their utmost to help patients cope.

Brisbane Skin’s Most-Requested Treatments for Acne

Each day we receive numerous phone calls from acne sufferers enquiring about treatment. The most requested treatments, all with an excellent history of success, include topical creams and other prescriptions and chemical peels.

Chemical peels are able to peel away the top layer of skin. The new skin that replaces it is healthier, with less visible signs acne.  We often use these in combination with light treatments for best results.

The latest technology is biophotonic Kleresca treatment which uses light activated gel to treat acne.


Kleresca Biophotonic Treatments

Kleresca blue light treatments offer treatment of acne through a non-invasive, non-medicated blue light therapy which is a good option for patients who do not wish to follow prescription options.  Dr Manoharan is the only dermatologist in Queensland to offer this exciting new treatment, which has only been released in Australia since April 2016.  Read more about the blue light therapy here.

A New Way to be Acne Free at Brisbane Skin

In the past, treating acne and scars together was tricky, as scars lie deep within the skin layer and treatments needed to penetrate the outer surface of the skin (the epidermis), which could be quite sensitive and inflamed. Fractionated Laser and Radiofrequency (RF) treatments target dermal scarring and have been proven safe during studies by our dermatologists.  This has revolutionised acne treatment to become a combination therapy delivery excellent results.

Brisbane Skin is proud to offer this new generation of effective treatment for people with acne and acne stars. Our combination program is unlike traditional treatment protocols, using a range of treatments to improve the skin of acne sufferers places equal focus on

  • Treating acne
  • Treating and preventing scars

Research has shown that scars that are treated early have a higher improvement rate than those that are not. Advanced technology allows our dermatologists to undertake scar remodelling early, giving our patients the best chance for optimal results.

Brisbane Skin’s Effective Treatments for Acne & Acne Scarring

Are you self-conscious about active acne or acne scarring? Do your blemishes affect your daily life, robbing you of confidence? Do you have any skin care questions that need answers?

If so, we want to hear from you.

You can reach Brisbane Skin by phone during business hours on 07 3160 3330 or use the contact form on this page to learn what our expert team of skin specialists can do to make your skin look healthy, radiant, and glowing despite acne and acne scarring.


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